Pen in hand. Drill in hand. Glue in hand. Etc...

Hi there, blog. I'm Annie. This is awkward. Just like meeting somebody for the first time, I suppose. I'm not sure exactly what we ought to talk about yet, but I can tell that I like you so far. There's a lot of potential for our new found friendship. I'm sure we have a lot in common.

To kick things off, I'll share my latest side project. I found an old antique car horn at the thrift shop down the block. Only $7. With some serious hand-cranked hole drilling, wood glue, paint and natural acoustics, I now have a beautiful sounding iphone dock. The old, worn metal adds a nostalgic tin can sound—although still loud and radiant!

Upon finding another horn in another thrift store, the owner inquired at my interest, and when he saw this photo he wanted to buy mine on the spot! I declined. This horn dock is near and dear to my heart, especially because my sweet Pa helped me construct it. My dear dad, who urged on creativity and a passion for constructing things with my hands since I was just a teeny tiny.